There is no doubt that electricity bills have noticeably risen in Australia over the past decade. The electricity prices in Australia will most likely to rise again due to the Australian government raising awareness about environmental concerns and the need for energy conservation to reduce carbon-footprint.

Since the extinction of incandescent bulbs, our governments have encouraged us to switch to more energy efficient alternative lighting sources such as the CFLs. Although the CFLs are a better alternative to the traditional incandescent lights, the benefits they offer are still far less than LED technology. The thrill behind LED lighting is due to the high-energy efficiency they are able achieve and their longevity. In the past years, LEDs have been fast becoming the light source of choice for business and property owners due to the benefits the LED technology can offer.

LED retrofit lights are direct replacements for conventional incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent lights. They can be installed without additional costly infrastructure changes. LEDs can also achieve higher lumens per watt (lm/W), which means significant energy savings while lasting more than 10 times longer than incandescent light sources. Taking that into consideration, the real economic benefit of LED retrofits could not have come at a better time. They offer the quickest path to the greatest energy savings over the shortest period of time; and not to mention the benefits of “going green” including a significant carbon footprint reduction. The graph below shows the estimated payback period for commercial and residential LED retrofits. The payback period for commercial use can be as fast as less than a year!

Common lighting products Lumini LEDs supply are: GU10, GU5.3 (MR16 downlights); G13 (T8 tube lights), E27 (PAR38 and bulbs) for easy retrofitting solutions; simply plug and play!


Low Energy Usage and Costs

LED retrofits can demonstrate quantifiable savings in power consumption and air-conditioning demand. The highly energy efficient LED lights will generate significant energy savings per month. Although the initial cost for LED retrofits can be expensive compared to traditional lighting, the positive payback period which is the amount of time to turn cash positive from energy savings is the quickest in sustainable alternative energy (on average 2 years for LED retrofits as opposed to 12+ years for solar energy).  Thus, they offer the most compelling return on investment.


Low/No Maintenance costs

Not only do LED retrofits lower the energy usage costs, they also minimises labor cost for replacement, and recycling cost in the long run. LED lighting products are very robust and have very long service life. Compared to standard fluorescent T8 tubes, which are rated for approximately 10,000 hours and also requires ballasts and starters; a Lumini LED replacement T8 tube, without the need of ballasts and staters is rated for 45,000 hours, which is over 15 years under a normal 8 hrs/day operation. Try to imagine not having to replace a LED T8 tube or parts for more than 10 years. That would save a lot of money on buying new replacements and installations services!


Great Performance

Other than the fact that they are extremely efficient in energy use, in which they are able to achieve very high lumens-per-watt, quality LED products like Lumini LED lights have very high lumen output and colour rendition, which provide a very well lit and comfortable environment. Retrofit customers can expect a space that is 15-30% brighter than pre-retrofit.