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LED lighting strikes the perfect balance between energy efficiency and economy. Working brilliantly in all kinds of general situations, from restaurants to homes, offices, retail stores and more, LED lights are an environmentally safe and sustainable source of energy for all commercial and residential lighting applications.
LED lights offer a range of benefits to the user:
  • Instant full brightness with no restrike delay
  • No flicker, no humming
  • All light produced from LED bulbs are fully utilised
  • Long life span and low maintenance
  • Generates very little heat
Lumini is the leading supplier of LED lights in Australia. We stock a large range of lights in all types of wattage ratings - from downlights to spotlights, torches, tube lights and more, you are sure to find the right LED light for your needs.
Buy LED lights online from Lumini. From our Brisbane warehouse, we ship to anywhere in Australia. Call us today on (07) 3423 0008 to enquire about our complete collection of LED lighting online for you.